Styled on Belgian Pale Ale.

Brewed with pale malt, a fusion of Cara-Munich and crystal malts to give colour, flavour and unique character to the brew.

Full bodied with feint chocolatey and malty notes. The fruity nose has a delicate hop character provided by the three different hop types used for both bitterness and hop oil aroma.

This is a quaffable beer of 4% alcohol and 20 bitterness units brewed to be refreshing and rich with a Classic Ale finish.


This beer is on its way!

We are tracking it’s progress, checking where it goes and will let our fans know as soon as it starts to head to places where we can get our hands on it!


This beer is testing the waters, making sure of where it wants to go and will soon set off on an exploratory trip.

Arriving on our shores when it feels ready!